What A Successful Realtor should look like.


When embarking in any transaction requiring the knowledge of a Real Estate Agent, experience prevails.  But what exactly does that mean and what does that individual look like in Arizona?

Well there quite simply are numerous factors to look into before entering into a working with a Realtor but here are 5 traits/ characteristics we believe to be the most relevant.

1.) Find a Realtor who is knowledgable & passionate about the local housing market.

Sounds obvious but all too often we hear at Sacha Blanchet Real Estate(SBRE) how a consumer hired someone via a referral and it just didn’t work out.  Interview the Realtor and question them about the local market and what their seeing from an economics standpoint, community within zip codes of interst, education rankings and any foreseeable changes.

*remember being a nice Realtor is great but being an informed Realtor offering insight is mandatory.

2.) Confirm Realtor has a reliable Network of Local & National Contacts.

Relationships are key and someone who has a built-in contact list where they can reach out and alleviate any stress in a given situation is the sign of a true professional.

Ask the Realtor your interviewing for a short list of local contacts you may contact for an over the phone assessment of their working interactions.

3.) Honest & Engaging Individual that makes you feel Comfortable beyond Conversation.

Within 15 seconds of initial contact you should know if you like the Realtor or not.  This is a huge decision for you as the average transaction is 12 weeks and you will speak quite often.  Not to mention they will be conversing with countless individuals on your behalf and need to make them feel comfortable as well.

4.) Knowledge of Technology & how to use Appropriately

The digital world is here and used by 80% of US consumers in a Real Estate transaction.  But beware as each and every generation uses the internet offerings in a unique manner.  For instance 99% of Millineials search online for Real Estate with 58% of them finding their home via mobile.  Quite different than a person (55+) looking for a second home Near Sedona.

It’s really easy to investigate if your Realtor has a Twitter or Instagram account and view exactly what they are using it for, better be marketing your property.

5.) Aggressive yet Polite

Slightly different from what we’ve stated earlier as this is in reference to when your business transaction becomes real.  Remember this is a negotiation and at some point the other side will be asking for something of value and you want someone who is polite but firm as everyone needs to feel they won.

The criteria discussed above is key to having an enjoyable business experience and guidance we believe will enable you to find a Realtor that works for you and with your best interests in mind.












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